Investment Philosophy

Our Mission:

Delivering competitive returns to discerning investors, whilst prioritising skills transfer and empowerment in our majority black owned business.

Our Aim:

To create and develop a fully empowered niche asset management business:

  • Majority SA black controlled
  • Transparent staff and skills development strategy and timeline
  • Integrated graduate development program

To provide a robust investment, risk and operational platform by:

  • Leveraging off an established asset management business
  • Reducing financial stress through infrastructure share
  • Ensuring business model longevity

To differentiate through:

  • Specific and differentiated skill set
  • Empowerment structure
  • Fees

Investment Process – 5 Key Steps

Initially, the portfolio suite will focus on two areas:

Fixed Income Hedge Fund

Core Income Fund

The product suite will be expanded over time, but will remain focused on the core investment skillset and philosophy.

Fixed Income Hedge Fund

  • Return target of Cash +5 (net)
  • Trade strategies across the curve, utilising the specific and differentiated skills from within the team
  • Currently cautiously optimistic, but geared to a weaker economy
  • Bond steepeners, paid asset swaps, larger focus on RV trades while smaller positions in front end of FRA curve are being expressed
  • Currently considering more RV theme’s in 1y gaps and the potential to enter 1y1y payers

Competitive Risk Adjusted Returns

  • Annualised return of 12.0%
  • Sharpe ratio of 0.3
  • Sortino ratio of 0.6

Historic Oakhaven Capital Performance - Hedge Fund

Core Income Fund

Liquidity through tradable paper

Fees determined on AUM contribution and Liquidity requirement

No credit other than bank paper

Two year track record

CIS listing in March 2017

IDS Manco

Trade and arbitrage bank liquidity curves to derive returns commensurate to a credit run portfolio.

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